Baby Massage in Birmingham

Want to learn how to massage your baby?

My 4 week 1:1 massage course will teach you how to massage your baby safely and gently.

How massage can benefit you and your baby:

  • Touch is your baby’s first language. Infant massage enhances loving communication between you and your baby and helps you to ‘tune in’ and respond to your baby’s non-verbal language (cues)
  • In turn, your baby will feel respected loved and secure and so will be calmer
  • Massage is an enjoyable experience for both you and your baby and can help with bonding
  • Massage helps to strengthen and regulate your baby’s immune, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Massage relieves the symptoms of colic, constipation and other tummy problems
  • Your baby will sleep better as massage calms the nervous system
  • Through massage, your baby will become aware of his/her own body’s movement and tensions and how to release these tensions – a benefit that will prove invaluable as they grow into adulthood

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