Stress and Fertility – the holistic approach

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Fertility today, how can a holistic approach unlock blockages?

Data shows that in the UK, 1 out of 7 couples may struggle to conceive (NICE, 2013). A remaining 25% of infertility cases is categorised as “unidentified” after eliminating all of the possible physiological sources (Somigliana et al. 2016). These cases of unexplained infertility reveal a gap in our understanding of fertility and how it is impacted. The relationship between essential bodily functions and stress, which can be found in different sources (a routine of multitasking, life load, etc.), can surely be extended to our ability to give life.

Today, persistent gender inequality in the workplace, and at home, pushes women to juggle professional and personal life all at once. Meanwhile, science has pointed at multitasking as a great source of stress, in turn impacts women’s path to conceiving.

In fact, most women envision their fertility path in a very similar way to their career. A cog in the wheel of a meticulously crafted plan can shift everything into imbalance, Indeed, the social pressure that resides in the idea of succeeding at adulthood, of which conceiving a child is a milestone, is too often underestimated in terms of stress generation. Especially when we know that stress, regardless of its source, has more impact on the life of a wife than of a husband. It also greatly affects the sense of satisfaction with the self and general well being. (Palomba et al., 2018).

The fact that a quarter of infertility cases in the UK remain unexplained points to our struggle to fully understand fertility thus revealing a space to consider and adopt a holistic approach. Drawing from both Western physiological theory and Eastern medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine, neuroenergetic kinesiology centres around balance and establishing harmony between body, mind and spirit.

Within the rapid pace of modern life, it is easy to disconnect from our physical well-being and solely provide for the basic requirements for our bodies to function. The origins of stress run far and wide. Many studies have shown that a highly pressurised environment is a breeding ground for social, mental and physical stressors, which fester when left unaddressed. In fact, the perception of a permanent threat induced by the state of “fight or flight” leads to overproduction of cortisol, the “stress hormone”.

As the endocrine, immune and nervous systems work together, one’s dysregulation throws the others out of balance too (Acevedo-Rodriguez, 2018). Once the pivotal role of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis falls out of synchronization, it may alter hormonal pathways. Regulation is disrupted and hormonal levels may shift out of balance. Those potential imbalances could lead to the dysregulation of the HPG axis, involving the sexual hormones (HPG axis -Hypothalamic -pituitary- Gonadal axis), and may result in a state of (permanent) systemic inflammation. As you can see, when stress takes over lifestyle, the body’s ability to conceive on a physiological level can be directly at risk.

Adopting a holistic approach to one’s journey to fertility means taking a 360° look at our lifestyle, identifying and improving the aspects that impact our ability to conceive. From a physiological point of view, many precautions, also in line with Western Medicine, contribute to optimising the viability of the pregnancy (Homan et al., 2018).

At Aura & Meta, Sandra Cohen takes a broader look at deep and unearthed causes for stress within the body with special attention paid to work-life balance. Reviewing daily routines to recalibrate your lifestyle and develop healthy habits includes setting-up strong boundaries, reassessing priorities and freeing yourself from negative emotions such as guilt.

Furthermore, fertility is deeply linked to the balance between the heart and the brain, the rational and the emotional connection. The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in your body and sends signals to the brain. These signals then affect the emotional processing of information. Stress and negative emotions may impede this communication and send erratic neural signals to the brain that may inhibit cognitive function. On the contrary, reduced stress may result in more stable heart signals, clearing the way for positive emotions and feelings, and thus benefiting the whole body.

It is known that past negative emotions have a detrimental impact on our health, but how can the past traumas, fears and anxiety affect your current situation? A variety of experiences can stay engraved in our minds: childhood traumas, miscarriages, etc. Releasing emotions that may be subconsciously suppressed, or deeply stored, prevents them from surfacing as obstacles in your fertility path.

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology looks at the cause of energy blockages by using, among other tools Traditional Chinese Medicine; to find the imbalance that lies in the Qi’. It is essential to understand Qi flow and meridians in order to remove blockages and restore the energy’s fluidity within the body. This can be done through work around the Chinese meridians and the interrelation between organs. Once you can identify and monitor the causes of energy drainage, whether located in the body or the mind or both, you are better equipped to eliminate them or lessen their impact.

The holistic path to fertility revolves around the ability to put yourself first. Nurturing comes in different forms, through physical nourishment (food and exercise), touch (a massage) and mental activities (reading, meditation or anything that may bring you a sense of fulfilment). Consciously establishing new habits of caring for yourself fosters a deeper connection to your body and its own internal cycle. If you wish to conceive, you must own your fertility path and allow yourself to receive

in addition to nurturing, nurturing, let’s now add compassion, this means allowing yourself to be you and take the necessary time to do so.

Allow yourself to live the moment fully and enjoy any experience you have along the process and in your life. Another useful perspective is to embrace the process, be into the process instead of being led by it. Relinquishing control of the situation means surrendering and finding resilience in things not unfolding according to plan. Bear in mind that there might be a good reason that you will certainly understand at some point.

If you would like  to remove blockages, release deep-rooted stress, unleash your fertility and gain serenity, Neuro-energetic kinesiology alongside your Mizan Therapy treatments can be a non-invasive holistic approach supporting your  personal fertility path.

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