Caring for New Parents is Important!

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The well-being of a woman after childbirth should carry the same importance as taking care of the needs of a newborn child  ~ Author Unknown

Postnatal doulas work in the family home and offer practical and emotional support during those often bewildering and tiring early days and weeks after birth.

By providing reassurance, a listening ear and support with looking after baby and light household tasks, a postnatal doula is ideally placed to gently guide and support new parents in their parenting choices.

Research has shown that postnatal doulas can help to gently ease mothers into motherhood by taking some of the strain that a new addition to the family can bring.

Women can sometimes feel embarrassed or guilty about feeling tired or low after giving birth. They feel that everyone expects them to ‘get on with it’ and be ecstatically happy all of the time.

Nowadays there’s even more pressure onparents to appear as if they’ve floated through pregnancy and childbirth as if it were a breeze, getting themselves up and out to the supermarket, to do the school run, entertain an endless stream of visitors and well-wishers etc. only hours or days after completing the marathon that is childbirth.

I wish we could return to a time when birth and the birthing parent was honoured. New parents need nurturing so that they can get on with the important job of caring for their babies. This is why I’ve compiled a list of handy tips on how friends and families of new parents can provide vital support once mums return home with their new babies

If you’re pregnant, I strongly encourage you to sound out friends and family during pregnancy and not wait until your baby is born. Gather a network of support around yourselves early on and get people to commit to dropping meals off, doing some shopping, helping with the school run if there are older children etc. Use my ‘top tips door hanger’ to start a conversation about what help you may need.

Mums and their partners can feel embarrassed to ask for help for whatever reason but it’s important that friends and family gather round to help out, especially if there isn’t a postnatal doula onboard. Oftentimes the right support offered at the right time can get new parents off to a flying start.

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