What is a doula?

A doula (pronounced doolah) supports women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. This support is practical and emotional but non-medical in nature.

To learn more about the work of doulas, visit Doula UK

Do I need a doula?

Yes, if you’d like:

  • To get the rest and relaxation that you need; an extra pair of hands during labour and after birth.
  • A consistent source of support at the times when you need it most
  • Unconditional emotional and physical support during labour, birth and early parenthood.
  • To benefit from a doula’s experience and knowledge to help you have the best birth possible.

My husband/partner/mom/friend will be with me, do I still need a doula?

It’s great  that you’ll be supported at your birth. A good doula will never try to replace your partner, mom etc. We are part of your birth team and will remain calm and professional throughout – no judgement, nagging, guilt trips, pressure, melt downs or dramas that loved ones can bring. Also, our constant presence at your side means that your loved one(s) can take a break, knowing that you’ll be in safe hands.

Are you trained?

Yes, I attended a doula preparation course (Developing Doulas). I am a recognised birth and postnatal doula which means that I have successfully completed the Doula UK Recognition Process. More about my relevant experience and qualifications here

What is a recognised doula?

A Recognised Doula has been evaluated by a Doula UK ‘Doula Mentor’ at the end of the Recognition Process, as having sufficient experience to practise without on-going mentoring.

Source: Doula UK

Which areas do you cover?

I’m a Birmingham doula and so cover Birmingham. I  also cover surrounding areas such as Sutton Coldfield, Four Oaks, Solihull and Worcstershire. I will consider other areas so please ask if not sure.

I live outside of the UK; would you consider travelling to support me?

Yes, this can be arranged. Get in touch to discuss how I can support you.

How much do you charge?

I charge from £7o0 for the birth care package and £17 per hour for the postnatal care package. Monthly payment plans for birth support can be arranged.

I need the support of a doula but can’t afford the fees. What should I do?

Ask me about a monthly payment plan!