Hypnobirthing in Birmingham


Pregnant and looking for hypnobirthing in Birmingham but not really sure if it’s right for you? Read on then get in touch to book your course!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had the birth of your dreams, if you could look back and say “giving birth to my baby was the most amazing experience ever!”

But right now the prospect of having a baby has you hovering somewhere between joy and fear. Right?

This fear pops up randomly during your waking hours, keeps you awake at night and is getting in the way of you truly enjoying your pregnancy.

You need some help, you’ve heard about hypnobirthing and you’re keen to try it but maybe your partner/family/friends are sceptical!

Sounds familiar?

Here’s how I can help you to let go of the fear and swap those negative feelings for birth Confidence, Calmness and Control.

Learning the techniques

I’m currently offering 1:1 hypnobirthing in Birmingham and the West Midlands for mums, couples and other birth partners. The sessions are delivered in the comfort of your own home, or we’ll meet via Zoom (video call) at a time to suit you! They’re relaxed, informal and discussion based. You get to decide if we meet weekly, fortnightly or anything in between which means, unlike a weekly group course, you never miss a session if you can’t make a particular day.

Many mums/couples prefer a 1:1 course over a group course not only because it’s convenient but also because the course can be tailored to your individual needs. You get to ask me questions that you may feel too embarrassed to ask in a group setting; no question is silly! We can discuss any anxieties you may have in confidence too – I promise there’ll be no judgement at all from me!

Unlike a digital course that you buy and follow at your own pace, all sessions are delivered by me in real time. This guarantees that you actually finish the course, rather than abandoning a self-paced digital course part way; also I’m on hand to talk things through with you such as the outcome of antenatal appointments etc. I can also send you extra information so that you’re able to make informed decisions about your maternity care and birth options.

My course consists of 3 x 2 hour sessions with an optional catch up/booster session if you need it.

We’ll be covering:

  • How the body works during labour and how you can work with your body to make labour shorter and more comfortable
  • The power of the mind and how you can harness that power to birth like a boss
  • Pregnancy relaxation MP3s and how you can use them along with visualisations to release fear, manage pain and achieve a deep state of relaxation for birth
  • The breathing techniques that will assist you and carry you calmly through labour and birth
  • Signs of labour and when to call the midwife/go in to hospital
  • The power of touch and massage techniques to reduce pain
  • Teaching you partner to be the very best birth partner ever
  • Birthing during a pandemic (content suitable for Covid-19)
  • How to write your birth plan and so much more….

Course fee is  £297 (online via Zoom video call) and all course material is included.

Interested? Call me today on 07706975227 or contact me here

The doula difference or why choose my hypnobirthing course?

As a birth doula (a trained birth partner), I have supported many women and couples through birth so I know what really works. As a hypnobirthing teacher, I am in a unique position because I not only teach the techniques but I get to see them applied time and time again at births. In addition to your course material, I’ll be giving you the additional information that I’ve found useful at births; the knowledge, hints, tips and tricks that will get you fully prepared for birth.

“In addition, the information I share with you will be impartial; I have no agenda. Because my course is not run by the hospital, I am able to help you see the bigger picture, not just the information that the hospital chooses to share with you! I am, also able share information that may relate directly to you as a member of a marginalised group (black, brown, non-binary etc.)”

*My course is not for you if you’re looking for something airy fairy. I only offer factual, trustworthy, no-nonsense honest information based on scientific theory and REAL experience!

Sceptical partners a speciality! Read what other mums and couples have said about me here.

Listen to Natalia & Marc’s hypnobirthing experience (If viewing on a mobile device and would like subtitles, turn your device sideways and click CC in bottom right corner)