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Birmingham Doula Birth Concierge

Is this you?

Maybe you’re pregnant and you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring a doula but have lots of questions and doubts in your mind or maybe and have just heard how amazing doulas are but still not sure how this all works;

You know in your mind that you’d benefit from having a doula onboard but you’re still trying to arrange everything yourself and getting into a bit of a pickle. You’re left feeling drained and teary. Or you’re pushing everything to the back of your mind only to find that panic creeps in at the oddest times of the day and night because you’re feeling unprepared or in need of more support;

You’d like the reassurance of a trusted, trained and experienced birth professional to guide you safely through the confusion, fear and uncertainty that comes with pregnancy and birth;

You’d like to gain more confidence in your birthing and parenting abilities, whether this is all new to you or you’ve done this before;

You’ve seen and heard other people’s experiences with a doula and want some of that for yourself. You want to emerge from pregnancy and birth feeling good about yourself physically and emotionally, totally ready to take on your new role as parent(s) to your new baby.

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Here’s what I can do to help

I can help you to find your own groove so that you can approach birth and parenting feeling prepared, confident and calm. My clients say that they feel reassured right from our very 1st meeting and I can visibly see their shoulders drop; they sigh with relief knowing that they’re now in good hands and will be fully supported.

Once you’ve booked me and those stresses start melting away you can get on with enjoying your pregnancy, focusing on you, your growing baby and your relationship with your partner, family and loved ones.

Talking about partners and other loved ones, they also get to benefit from the doula love. Partners also feel more reassured, less stressed knowing that they too have some extra support and don’t feel as if they’re carrying everything on their shoulders.

With my Birth Concierge package, you’ll get me, a birth professional who’s in the know. Just like a hotel concierge, I’ll use my knowledge and vast experience to guide you through the less stressful route to parenthood! You’ll save time, energy and money on trawling through the internet trying to find good quality pregnancy and birth services. I have hand-picked a small number of birth and postnatal specialists and together we’ll offer you the most wonderful menu of support services to take you effortlessly from pregnancy into parenthood.

At the end of our time together I guarantee you’ll emerge feeling happier, more confident in yourself and in a much better state both physically and emotionally. Having experienced this firm foundation of support, you’ll be primed and ready to parent and nurture your new baby. Simply put, you’ll be the best version of the new you!

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Birmingham Doula – Your Birth Concierge!

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Your Birth Concierge Package – a delicious menu of pregnancy, birth and postnatal essentials:

Going beyond the standard ‘one size fits all’ approach to doula support because pregnancy and birth is a special time and you deserve to be served deeply!

A full package of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, all seamlessly delivered by me and a small selection of carefully chosen partners.

As your birth concierge, I will save you stress, money and precious time so that you won’t have to run around searching for the services and products that will make your pregnancy, birth and first weeks with baby go like a dream!

No worries about being let down, choosing the wrong service provider or forgetting to book and pay for essential support; once you book this package, I’ll coordinate all of your services and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Your birth concierge package includes:

Four pre-birth visits to make sure that you and your partner (if applicable) are fully prepared for birth. We’ll discuss any previous birth experiences (if any), topics such as relaxation, labour and birthing positions, how to remain comfortable during labour, partner’s role, life as a new parent etc. I aim to give you the information that you need to approach birth and parenthood calmly and confidently;

during my 4 visits, I will teach a private Relax for Birth course (includes all course materials e.g. book, affirmation cards, use of relaxation MP3s). This course will help to relax you for birth; great for new parents and for those how have fears because of previous birth trauma;

unlimited doula dates – in addition to our 4 pre-birth sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to meet up with me over coffee, lunch or dinner to chat. This is where the doula magic happens; we get to know and trust each other, making a deep connection so that you can freely share your pregnancy, birth and parenting hopes and dreams or fears. Being stress free will allow you to focus on the important stuff – a healthy pregnancy and wonderfully positive birth experience;

4 x massages (these can be pregnancy or postnatal or a mixture of the two);

optional TENS machine hire from 37 weeks onwards, loan of pregnancy, birth and baby books and birth ball;

maternity and new born baby photography (birth photography optional and subject to availability) – document your journey to motherhood with a bespoke maternity, newborn and family photoshoot. Let our expert female photographer help you to make precious memories;

be on call for you (24/7) from 38 weeks until the baby is born (on call can be arranged before 38 weeks for an additional fee). You can relax in the knowledge that I will be by your side when your big day comes. No guessing, no ifs or buts. Relax, I’ll be there!

Attend your birth at home, hospital or birthing centre. So, you think you’re in labour? I can come to your home and if you’re in the early stages of labour I can stay with you and make you comfortable. If labour’s in full swing and you’re not birthing at home, we’ll go calmly together to hospital/birth centre. Stay with you until an hour or so after the baby has been born to help you get settled;

freezer fill – rip up the take away menus and ditch the microwave meals. To get your postnatal recovery off to a flying start, I’ll prepare 2 weeks’ worth of healthy, tasty, nutritious meals (enough for at least 2 adults). A selection of homemade breakfast granolas, hearty soups for lunch and warming dishes for dinner. All food will be prepared in your own kitchen. I’ll supply everything; all you need to do is sit back and enjoy being nourished with tasty, wholesome food OR 4 private pregnancy/postnatal yoga sessions. These will be 1:1 yoga sessions taught by a highly qualified, female yoga instructor and will take place in the comfort of your own home;

my signature Flying Start Postnatal Care Package – 6 weeks of postnatal doula support to help get your mothering off to a flying start (see here for more details);

1 x private breastfeeding consultation and follow up visit (optional) with a highly experienced and qualified female lactation (breastfeeding) consultant;

1 x specialised postnatal check-up at 6 – 8 weeks. Whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or a C-section birth, it’s important that you have a thorough check up at around 6 weeks after giving birth. I’ll arrange for you to see a female pelvic physiotherapist who will check your post birth tummy muscles, pelvic floor, posture and any aches and pains. She’ll draw up an individualised plan to help you recover and return to your pre-pregnancy exercise routine or activities;

PLUS! Preferential rates on a host of other valuable services from my hand-picked suppliers – such as house cleaning, placenta encapsulation, postnatal yoga etc.

The birth concierge package is for you if:

You’re wanting a more bespoke and whole doula package from a trained professional, friend, confidante and wise mother/grandmother (without the politics) rolled into one;

You value your pregnancy, birth and mothering journey enough to invest in making this the most positive and stress free experience possible; 

You’re new in town/don’t live near relatives and need a trusted and knowledgeable birth professional to help gently guide you along the path to parenthood;

You appreciate a more structured approach to family life.

Am I the doula for you? Read what others are saying about my doula support.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you’d like to book my doula support and feel totally nourished & nurtured into motherhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of births have you supported?

  • Water births (home and birth centre)
  • Home births
  • Hospital births (delivery suite)
  • Birth centre births
  • Lotus births
  • VBACs
  • Premature births
  • Cesarean births
  • Post dates (40+ weeks) births
  • Hypnobirths
  • Previous birth trauma and PTSD

I also support

  • Pregnancy and birth after miscarriage, stillbirth and other baby loss
  • IVF pregnancies
  • Surrogate pregnancies
  • Foster parents with newborns

I’m newly pregnant? Do I need to book now?

Early booking is advised so that you can take full advantage of all of the wonderful pregnancy deliciousness that I offer in this package. Also, I only work with 1 – 2 clients per month so if you don’t book early you may lose out on the most amazing birth support package ever! Unfortunately, I’m unable to reserve a space for you; a booking is only confirmed on signing the birth contract and payment of your deposit.

Can I alter the package?

I’m pretty flexible and happy to have a discussion with you about your needs. Maybe you already have family members who will help with cooking or help with baby. If you’d like to have a chat about your individual needs, contact me here and I’ll get straight back to you!

How do I book you?

Booking me is simple. Contact me here and I’ll get straight back to you to discuss my availability and book you in for a 1 hour consultation. At the consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and we’ll see if we’re the right fit for each other. You’ll then let me know if you want to go ahead within 4 days of our meeting. On booking me, you’ll receive a birth contract to sign and invoice to pay your deposit. Once I’ve received both I am booked for you!

Would you like friends and family to contribute towards the cost of your birth and postnatal doula care?

Why not consider gift vouchers? Each gift voucher comes with a beautifully hand-crafted card; a special gift for a special mother or mother-to-be. Order your gift voucher(s) here.

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