What is Bengkung Belly Wrapping?

The ancient art of belly wrapping/binding is used by women all over the world and Bengkung is a traditional belly wrapping method from Malaysia. Belly wrapping involves tying a long strip of cloth in an intricate manner around the belly and/or hips during the postpartum recovery period to ensure a strong support to the womb and other internal organs after childbirth. The wrap is removed at bedtime and is replaced the following morning.

Belly wrapping is most effective in the first 8 weeks following birth but can be used any time after birth to some effect. It is tied so that it is supportive but not restrictive in any way as new moms need to be comfortable!

Why belly wrapping ?

  • It can be worn daily under or over clothing to help to slim the belly and hips.
  • Helps to pull the separated abdominal muscles  back together, resulting in a flatter tummy (though it’s no substitute for exercise).
  • Prevents back pain by encouraging good posture
  • Decreases postpartum bleeding time by speeding up the process of expelling waste blood in a natural way.
  • It’s an ancient traditional natural way of healing after birth.
  • It feels and looks good and is a way of having a little ‘me time’, cos you’re worth it! 🙂

 Bengkung Belly Wrapping

belly wrapping
Bengkung belly wrap

Wrapping Service – £75

You will need to purchase your own Bengkung Belly Wrap from Etsy or Ebay as I no longer sell them.

1 wrapping/teaching session – After a brief telephone/email consultation to ascertain your needs, I’ll visit you a few days after your birth, prepare you for wrapping with a short abdominal massage using an organic oil.

I will then wrap you and teach you or a loved one how to wrap your belly. 

To book or enquire, get in touch!