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Mizan Therapy in Birmingham

If you’ve been asking “where can I find Mizan Womb Therapy near me?” and you can get to Birmingham, you’ve come to the right place! I am an experienced, female practitioner and you can be assured that all information shared will be received sympathetically and held in strictest confidence.


What is Mizan?

Mizan is an Arabic word that means balance. Balancing your hormones, your health, emotions and the position/condition of your womb and other reproductive organs is our ultimate aim. 


Who is Mizan Therapy for?

Mizan Therapy is for women who understand the importance of womb health. Mizan Therapy is for you if:

  • you’re no longer satisfied with being fobbed off with painkillers and hormone medication for your ‘women’s issues’;
  • you’re ready to reclaim control of your body and what you put into it and how it behaves each month;
  • You’re ready to commit to a promise – a promise to prioritise your health and a promise to diligently follow a simple and nourishing self-care regime;
  • you’re looking for a kinder, more natural approach to balancing your hormones and emotional state without the nasty side-effects;
  • you’re looking for a female practitioner who is not only qualified and experienced but has a gentle, empathetic nurturing approach with no judgement.

Mizan is brilliant for:

Period problems (heavy, painful, clotty, light, sporadic) – There are times in a woman’s life when our periods can change and cause problems. Sometimes expected e.g. at puberty, after having a baby, when entering menopause etc. But also with conditions such as PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis and other conditions that are linked to an imbalance in our hormones and emotional state.

Mizan therapy can help by using massage strokes over the abdomen to encourage the womb to return to its optimal position so that it can cleanse itself effectively each month. Massage also helps to soothe away discomfort and works to improve blood and oxygen supply to the pelvic area to promote healing.

Fibroids, endometriosis and PCOS – Uterine fibroids, endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome are conditions that can cause varying degrees of pain, menstruation problems, leave you bloated and can mess with your fertility.

Mizan can help by using massage and herbal preparations to encourage healthy blood flow to the pelvic area, encouraging the body to rid itself of toxins naturally and helping to break down any internal adhesions and scar tissue that may be present.

As part of your treatment, I will show you how you can adapt your diet and lifestyle, to help restore womb and overall health. Let food be thy medicine!

Infertility – whether you’re struggling to conceive naturally or are considering IVF or other assisted methods, Mizan Therapy can prove useful. Using either our 1 month or 3-month fertility protocol to ensure that your womb is in tip top condition and you improve your chances of conceiving. Does it work? See the Mizan Therapy reviews in the picture gallery below!

Miscarriage – whether you’ve experienced an early or a late baby loss recently or a while ago, I offer a gentle, nurturing abdominal massage and belly wrapping to help you through the process. Mizan Therapy offers much needed support as it encourages a letting go, both physically and emotionally. Also if you’ve experienced several miscarriages and you’re hoping to conceive again, Mizan can help to gently prepare and strengthen your body prior to conception.

Herbal preparations may also be suggested as part of your treatment.

Menopause – this can be a bewildering time as we enter our 3rd age. From girl to woman and now transitioning into wise-woman, we can experience a range of uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms. Hot flushes, unpredictable periods, brain fog and mood swings are just a few that come to mind.

Let me show you how Mizan can help to melt away stresses, help you re-connect with the essence of the new, emerging you and bring balance to your hormones and emotional state.

All of this can be achieved by using a combination of massage and herbal preparations.

Digestive issues – Mizan can help with a number of digestive complaints including IBS, constipation and general bloating. The abdominal massage will help to stimulate the gut to aid more efficient digestion and elimination.

I will also show you how you can banish the bloat by massaging yourself at home and making small adaptations to your diet.

During pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, I offer a soothing Mizan pregnancy massage from the 2nd trimester up until birth and I recommend a bundle of 3 or more massages to help you tune into and connect with your growing baby, increase blood and oxygen flow to your vital organs, muscles and ligaments which in turn may help ease and quicken your labour! In addition, I’ll share some of the information that I give to my doula clients to help you feel confident and prepared for labour and birth.

Book your postnatal massages as soon as you feel ready and especially if pregnancy and birth have left you feeling “all bent out of shape”, I recommend a series of postnatal massages combined with Bengkung Belly Wrapping as the two work together to promote healing and guide your internal organs back into their correct position.

Pregnancy and postnatal massages can be booked here (pregnancy) and here  (postnatal) and are £75 each for 1 hour.


What can I expect during a treatment?

Before your 1st treatment, I will ask you to complete a comprehensive consultation form which will give me an idea about your health, lifestyle and current concerns.

Once I have received your form and payment, we will schedule a time for your 30 minute Zoom (video call) consultation. By completing the consultation via Zoom rather than face to face, we will minimise contact time; my aim is to keep us both as safe as possible during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Appointments take place at my home  in Handsworth Wood, Birmingham. I now only see 1 client per clinic day (again for Covid safety). At your first appointment, we will have already discussed the information that you’ve given me in your consultation form and this means I’ll be able to focus the treatment on your specific areas of concern.

The 1 hour massage will focus on your abdomen, back and legs, the aim being to gently encourage the realignment of the uterus and other pelvic organs, stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage so that oxygen and energy can flow and toxins can be excreted from the body.

Your treatment will leave you feeling energised and afterwards we can discuss my findings. I will then follow up with some suggestions for self-care and further treatments if appropriate.



£135 for an initial consultation and this includes your first massage treatment (30 mins telephone/Zoom consultation before your appointment date and 1 hour massage treatment). After your appointment I will send you my womb health guide with my recommendations for things you can do at home to help support your womb health.

To follow up, I’m offering 3-month womb treatment packages (6 x 1 hour womb massage treatments, approximately once a fortnight over 3 months). That’s 6 treatments in total.

The package is offered over 3 months because that’s the kind of commitment it can take to make a real difference to your womb health. This package would normally cost £570 but I’m offering it for £480 and you have the option to pay that amount up front or via 3 automated monthly debit/credit card payments (£160/month) if it makes things easier for you.

Have a question about Mizan for pregnancy, postnatal, fertility and womb/digestive health or want to book a consultation?

Get in touch today!

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