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If you’re here because you are pregnant or have just given birth, congratulations, you’re in the right place; I’m your Birmingham based doula!

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Hi, I’m Lorna (AKA Birmingham Doula). I’m mom to 2 grown ups, born in 1989 and 1993 and grandma to 2 gorgeous bundles born in 2016 and 2018. I had 2 very different births and, single-handedly raised 2 amazingly wonderful young people.
I am also a doula mentor and co-facilitator for Abuela Doulas which means that I help to train new doulas and guide them on their doula journey as they gain experience.
After spending 30+ years supporting parents and their children – first as a nursery nurse in the ’80’s and more recently as a deputy manager of a SureStart Children’s Centre – coordinating family health services, promoting and supporting breastfeeding, teaching infant massage etc; I found my life’s purpose and became a doula.

“I cannot recommend Lorna highly enough – she was my doula for the birth of my second child, after the birth of my first which was complicated by high blood pressure during labour and what I felt was a very heavy handed reaction to it by the hospital. So it was really important to me that I was better prepared to stand up for myself this time, and when I met Lorna I knew she would be a strong advocate for my wishes, as well as a calm and reassuring presence. During our planning sessions before the birth we went through the different ways labour might progress, what I could do in each situation and what my preferences would be. Lorna also guided me to some hypnobirthing preparations and positive statements that I think made a huge difference to my ability to cope with the contractions. When I went into labour, Lorna was absolutely amazing. She had an intuitive understanding of what I needed at any time – and even with minimal communication from me was able to find exactly the right thing to help. If I said I was hot, she had a fan, if I needed to lie down she was able to help me find the most comfortable position. She also helped me move in ways that I think really helped my labour progress quickly and made sure the hospital was clear about my birth plan. Once I was in the late stages of labour and the contractions were intense, she gave me the most incredible massage, that really felt like it was keeping my whole body together! I feel like the calm, strong energy she brought was the decisive factor in my labour being so quick and smooth and I cannot thank her enough for helping me have such a positive experience with the birth of my daughter.”

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As a birth and postnatal doula I have supported many, very different births and although I’m passionate about all births, VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean) and positive birth experiences after previous traumatic births are the ones that make my heart really sing. Observing a woman coming into her own power, overcoming fears whilst still allowing herself to be vulnerable is one of the most powerful and emotionally charged experiences that anybody could have.

I don’t profess to be a ‘birth geek’, I’m told it’s my experience and reassuringly calm and confident nature that moms are drawn to.

Lorna is unique, intelligent, smart, very responsive and empathetic woman. She is like guardian angel and her presence is calming and protective.  I will never forget how much she helped me, and the special birth experience I had.”

A bit more about me – When I’m not caring for parents-to-be and their babies, I like music, dance salsa, adore theatre, love good food and spending time with my family. Not a lot of people know this but I’m also an occasional TV extra, mostly so far in the background that you shouldn’t be able to spot me!

My Philosophy:

First and fore-mostly, I’m a mom supporter; yes, babies are lovely and squidgy but when you’re pregnant or you’re a new mom, everyone is about the baby. I’m here just for YOU!

My motto is happy mom, happy everyone!

Oh by the way, you won’t see any information about my own birthing experiences here as what I do as a doula is about you, not about me. However, if you have questions about my services,  just get in touch and ask!

Skills and qualifications:

NNEB (Nursery Nurse) – 1987

Breastfeeding training (PCT), Weaning training, Smoking cessation, Infant massage teacher training (Touch Learn) – 2004 – 2007

Doula course (Developing Doulas) – 2012

Bengkung Belly Wrapping (a postnatal tradition) – 2014

Rebozo work – techniques for preventing and resolving malposition

Mizan Therapy (women’s reproductive health practitioner) – 2015

Hypnobirthing (relaxing deeply for pregnancy and birth) – 2016

Mother warming – care of the postnatal woman – 2016

Supporting Every Birth – supporting families through baby loss and pregnancy after baby loss – 2017

Attendance at Abuela Doulas ‘Birthkeepers of Colour’ Reproductive Justice Retreat – 2018

Attendance at Abuela Doulas ‘Birthkeepers of Colour’ Reclaiming Ancestral Birth Retreat – 2019

Loving the Multiple Mamas – Supporting twin and multiple births and care of multiple mamas and multiples in the postnatal period. Abuela Doulas – 2019

Enhanced DBS (2019)

Experience & Specialities:

Qualified nursery nurse with over 30 years’ experience of working with parents, babies and young children.

As a doula, I’ve supported teen parents, older parents, parents with learning difficulties/learning disabilities, parents with a variety of mental health conditions such as GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), depression, ante-natal and postnatal depression etc.

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