Known as ‘gentle birth companions’, doulas are paid to support mums from the first labour pang through to the early days of motherhood

Birmingham doula Lorna Phillip

If you could pay an expert to help your birth and early days of motherhood run smoothly, is that something you’d consider?

Hiring a doula is becoming more popular as mums look for that little extra help during and after birth.

They work alongside midwives by supporting mums-to-be, providing continuous care from the very first labour pang until mum and baby are safely tucked up in bed.

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Should I use wet wipes on my baby?

Birmingham Mail 27 September 2016By

Birmingham doula, Lorna Phillip suggests a safer alternative to toxic wet wipes!

When you have a newborn, you want everything to be pure and clean and beautiful.

So, you may start off using cotton wool balls dipped in cool boiled water to wipe their faces and bottoms.

After a while, you realise this is a lot more hassle than just grabbing a couple of wet wipes and cleaning them up in a fuss free manner.

But, does this affect your baby’s skin?

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